Interview with Rose Medina and Sandra Curry for An American Conversation Podcast

@STILLTish reviews Born in the Right Body in two parts on her blog Gender Abolition

“This is a very good overview of the implications of this ideology not just for women but for the people following a medical pathway in an attempt to escape their biological sex. We do these men and women no favours by uncritically accepting “gender identity” “medicine”. I have never felt so lacking in confidence in the medical profession or the Medical Schools that are delivering their training.”

Gender Abolition

In conversation with Isla Mac about gender ideology capture of the NHS, gender self-ID policies and the vulnerabilities of women patients on mental health wards

Interview for Margaret Egrot website ‘Writing and Breathing’ about Born in the Right Body book and writing in general:

“Having been a feminist for a long time, the insults and threats these men (who called themselves “transwomen”) hurled at women reminded me of Men’s Rights Activists and “incels”, who had been abusing feminists online for years beforehand. However, instead of being universally condemned in feminist circles, they were often being celebrated as “the most oppressed minority in history,” and allowed to take over women’s groups and conversations. Soon, the word “transwoman” changed spelling to “trans woman” and transactivists started to claim that men who identified as women were in fact female, and that “trans” was just an adjective, like “Black”, “tall” and “disabled”. Simultaneously, the word “woman” started to disappear from healthcare and policy. Woman became “anyone who identifies as a woman”, and while women were being described using dehumanising terms such as “menstruators”, “vulva owners” and “birthing bodies”, the word “man” remained intact.”

Isidora Sanger

Interview with Zanne D’Aglio for Women’s Declaration International:

Wild Woman Writing Club reviews Born in the Right Body:

“Comprehensively informative and closely referenced, Born in the Right Body is a vital book for historians of the women’s movement and medics invested in removing “born in the wrong body” pseudoscience from the NHS to return to its evidence-based roots. Highly recommended.”

Wild Woman Writing Club

Click on the picture below to listen to Born in the Right body book launch on twitter spaces from Saturday 26th November 2022. (Due to technical difficulties, the interview starts at around 15 min mark).

Isidora speaks to Isla Mac about institutional capture of healthcare professions by gender identity ideology.

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